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Honor System, Pledge to Truth & Integrity

The “Working Together for New Jersey – Election Integrity” coalition is an all-volunteer effort by citizens to help improve the ACCURACY of New Jersey’s Voter Registration System so that the vote of EVERY legally qualified citizen counts for all it’s worth in every election.  We do NOT change or alter ANY voter record, but we can alert election officials at the County and State level to possible discrepancies, corrections and updates.  Our work is nonpartisan.  Join us Today!


In order to work with voter registration data, volunteers must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions below:

VOLUNTEER ACTIVITY: “Working Together for New Jersey – Election Integrity” is a nonpartisan citizen volunteer coalition.

NON-DISCLOSURE: Individuals who work with the coalition, by checking the box below, agree to an honor system and pledge to protect and hold as confidential the personal information of voters that may come to their attention or with which they may work as a result of this effort.  Further, New Jersey law requires (as a condition of access to public voter information) and as a volunteer with the Working Together coalition you understand and acknowledge, that no person shall use voter registration lists or copies thereof prepared pursuant to this section as a basis for commercial solicitation of the voters listed thereon. Any person making such use of such lists or copies thereof shall be a disorderly person, and shall be punished by a fine not exceeding $500.00.

RESPONSIBILITY: You further acknowledge and accept full personal liability for any misuse of this information by yourself or by anyone under your personal direction.

WAIVER OF LIABILITY: You are aware that there is a separate “Waiver and Release of Liability” agreement to work with us.

ACCEPTANCE: Each volunteer working with us is required to accept these terms before they can access voter information.

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