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Cherish Your Right to Vote

Under the 1947 New Jersey Constitution (Art. II, Sec. 1, Par. 3), “Every citizen of the United States, of the age of 18 years, who shall have been a resident of this State and of the county in which he claims his vote 30 days, next before the election, shall be entitled to vote…”.

Counties Manage Elections

County Election Officials

Voter Registration, changes, moves, deletions, errors – and questions – are managed by your county election officials. Click on this link for information.


NJ Voter Information Portal

Lots of Information

The link above to the NJ Secretary of State’s Elections website has many useful guidelines and FAQs.

You’ll find answers to many of your questions.

What is an “Election Problem” ?


  • Brochures or campaigning inside a polling location
  • You receive a mail-in ballot you did not request
  • A problem interrupted your voting and you could not vote
  • You witnessed someone place more than 3 ballots in a ballot box or mailbox or mail slot

Use the form at right to report your concern.

Election / Voting Concerns


This  link takes you to a form where you can report any concern or election-related problem you are experiencing or witnessed.

You may have been told you had already voted.  You may have experienced a problem with the voting machine.  Perhaps you receive mail-in ballots for people who no longer live here. If you feel your vote was at risk, we want to know about it

Here’s how the Form works:  It guides you through several questions to help you focus your thoughts.  Once you click “Submit”, you receive a copy of what you wrote, so you can send it on to the official agencies of your choice. (We’ll give you addresses.)  WE CANNOT submit your statement for you – that’s considered “hearsay.”  But we will help you track your concern to help you get action.

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