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Presented below are links to many election-related Resources.  Please feel free to explore or share.  Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of Working Together for New Jersey.      ((also visit our 2023 Elections page, here))




The term “citizen” was coined from Aristotle, during the times of the flourishing Greek city-states.  He sought a word to describe those individuals who ENGAGED in daily debate over the policies which would govern their activities and decisions.  These individuals were to be found, regularly, in the public Forum, participating in the debate – not standing in the shadows.  As a result, their ideas became woven into the policy decisions. 

So:  by Aristotle’s definition, are YOU a CITIZEN?

  1. LEARN.  This page will help you explore and learn about “elections” law, rules, procedures, hierarchy
  2. In the American political system, ELECTIONS play a HUGE (yet not exclusive) role in what will become public policy and Law.
  3. YOU play a critical role in setting public policy,  whether you intend to or NOT.  “Not to Speak IS to Speak.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  4. MYTH:  “We should not discuss Religion or Politics in public.”  STOP. Think about that:  what two subjects more influence Life than any others? What better means to “dumb down” the People than to have them stop discussing, debating, challenging one another about the ideas, philosophy and the implications of public policy and the foundational guidance of The Creator of all life?  We are losing the skill to debate and disagree on policy, while remaining friends.  We SHOULD be aggressively discussing Religion AND Politics – everywhere!



       Click on this link to download a 2-page PDF brochure that will tell you how to verify whether YOUR vote was counted in the most recent … and earlier … elections in NJ.

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